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The dough leavens for at least 48 hours, however, is usually prepared the week that precedes its use. The flour we use is exclusively coming from Italian grains and is always trackable. For our doughs we use three different varieties of flours: Type 1, whole meal, and spelt, all of them are produced by Molino Mariani, in Barbara. The tomato sauce is made with local BIO tomatoes produced by La Fattoria del Borgo, in Montefabbri. The mozzarella, both the Fior di Latte and the Bufala Esina, are produced, in Jesi, by Caseificio Piandelmedico. All the other raw materials are rigorously fresh and seasonal.

Simply SLOW PIZZA ...


You can taste it on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, only from US ...

Cervia salt, rosemary, EVO oil

organic tomato, fior di latte, extra virgin olive oil, dried basil

La Luna nel Piatto
fior di latte, esina buffalo, BIO tomato fillets, EVO oil, dried basil

tomato BIO, fior di latte, Cantabrico anchovies, capers of Salina, oregano

Vera Napoli
fior di latte, BIO tomato fillets, Cantabrian anchovies, Salina capers, oregano

Vegetariana (dough with wholemeal flour)
fior di latte, seasonal vegetables, garlic bread crumbs

tomato BIO, fior di latte, local sausage, Sompiano potatoes

La Pecora nell'Orto (dough with wholemeal flour)
tomato BIO, fior di latte, aubergines, ricotta di bufala Esina, bread crumbs with garlic

Alberto Sordi
fior di latte, crispy bacon, aged pecorino cheese, organic egg yolk, pepper

fior di latte, Esina buffalo dumpling, rocket pesto, cotonata lombetto

Il Maiale con il Fiocco
fior di latte, potatoes from Sompiano, local ham

fior di latte, BIO tomato fillets, radicchio alla sapa, pecorino di fossa

Tra i Campi
fior di latte, sautéed seasoned vegetables, local sausage, pecorino di fossa

Bob Marley (mixture with organic spelled flour)
fior di latte, cauliflower and leeks cream, crispy bacon

Porca Zucca (mixture with organic spelled flour)
fior di latte, yellow pumpkin, local sausage, stewed onion

fior di latte, chanterelle mushrooms, bufala Esina, walnuts

BIO tomato, fior di latte, burrata, BIO tomato fillets, ham flakes

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