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Our menu is in “continuous evolution”, the dishes change periodically in respect of the seasons and the raw materials they offer.

Our appetizer is a taste of local charcuterie and farm cheeses that are served with different seasonal pairings such as: puff pastry basket filled with vegetables or stracchino cheese and rocket pesto, fried polenta, BIO spelt salad with seasonal vegetables, “gusutta” tomatoes, wild herbs omelet or black summer truffle French omelet, local focaccia, chickpeas and potatoes.

All the pasta (except for the BIO spelt flour based), the breads and focaccias are homemade using local flour and BIO eggs. According to the season you will find: passatelli all’Urbinate with asparagus and Montefeltro’s saffron, gnocchi with wild boar or hare, tagliatelle with duck, triangoli with radish, pine nuts and fossa cheese, stingy nettle gnocchi with summer black truffle, BIO spelt tagliatelle with yellow pumpkin and local sausage, or with seasonal vegetables and wild fennel, strozzapreti with local sausage, cherry tomatoes and rocket pesto, or with leak and cauliflower cream and fossa pecorino cheese. In addition, we serve also different types of vegetables or local legumes soups.

Many of the meats come from our farms, others from small local producers that breed their animals in the wild or semi-wild. We prefer wild game, such as wild boar and hare, because it is indigenous and very tied to the rural traditions of our area. According to the season you will find: grilled Marchigiana beef, or local pork, filet seasoned with Cervia’s salt and rosemary, wild boar stewed with local beer, traditional oven roasted pork, local rabbit stuffed with vegetables meatloaf, or “fricò” style, guinea fowl or local free-range chicken stewed with olives, capers and cherry tomatoes. In addition, we serve different vegetable as side dishes.

Every season, our garden, offers us all the vegetables and fruits that we than use to prepare our dishes, jams and juices. Therefore, we guarantee products with no additives and that are processed with respect of their original properties. Among the side dishes you will find: oven roasted Sompiano’s potatoes seasoned with fresh rosemary; pan-fried wild herbs; stewed or steamed seasonal vegetables or au gratin vegetables.

Finally, the desserts: birramisù (local stout infused tiramisu), saffron panna cotta with honey and Cervia’s salt, anise-flavored chocolate salami served with pear mousse, dark chocolate and habanero chili mousse with cocoa crumble and nuts, corn flour tart with homemade jam, homemade ice-cream with amaretti and sapa, beer flavored muffin served on a pear mousse.

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